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AMS™ – Anti Microbial Shielding Program


In a globalized world where diseases can spread from one continent to another in a matter of days, hygiene and cleanliness are at an all-time premium. As evidenced by the recent outbreak of the Corona virus, homes, businesses, public and private establishments are in dire need of professional sanitization and protection that lasts.

Our AMS™ – Anti Microbial Shielding Program is designed to meet the needs of lasting protection for a wide variety of segments, as maintaining health and sanitation are important to everyone. From the public to the private sectors, from residential and commercial applications to offices and industrial spaces, our AMS™ – Anti Microbial Shielding Program is guaranteed to maintain your home and workplace pathogen free for 30 DAYS.
Unlike most programs in the market our AMS™ – Anti Microbial Shielding Program provides:

  • Security and peace of mind against COVID 19 with proven lab tests against the virus specifically.

  • Lasting protection for 30 days against viruses and bacteria.

  • 100% Safe and eco-friendly.


How it works?

  • When applied to a surface it leaves behind a monomolecular antimicrobial, silicon-based polymer layer that permanently bonds to the surface.

  • The molecule resembles an antimicrobial spike that pierces the microorganism, disrupting the complex molecular structure of cell walls and membranes of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and the structure of a virus. This causes the organism to breakup with lethal effect.


With the rise of new pathogens and the global nature of our community, no place can afford to go without quality professional disinfection and protection services. Whoever and wherever they are, GRMC has everyone covered.


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