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GRMC Smart IPM Services


GRMC Smart - Advanced IPM Solutions

Our expertise makes us the leading provider of rodent control solutions, especially rat control. With our exclusive GRMC Smart we have created a system that integrates smart rodent control technology that currently stand as the latest cutting-edge solutions in the pest management business. You can get our whole package of expert pest management along with smart automation which features 24/7 reporting and protection. 

Our poison-free technologies tackle the problem of pest infestation with unmatched efficiency and in complete safety for both your health and the environment.

Here’s our 3-step model on how it’s done….

Step 1.jpg

Step 1

Analyzing the area and planning the best course of action. 

This starts by inspecting the site, analyzing the risks of pests, studying previous documented pest history available, and interviewing key people involved in the plan. Based on the information received we proceed with planning the most efficient solution for you.

Step 2.jpg

Step 2

Installation and testing.

After finalizing the plan, we proceed with the implementation part which includes the installation as well as testing of the poison-free transmitter traps which effectively eliminate rodents. The smart transmitter devices send an alarm instantly when a rodent has been captured and logs the information on your dedicated online portal.

Step 3 a.png

Step 3

We provide you training and let you relax with the results. 

Following the installation and testing of the system, we will proceed with training key personnel at your site on the features of our easy to use system. You can then receive all the information sent by the system by logging into your online portal or by simply checking our system’s dedicated phone APP on both IOS and Android. 
Afterwards we carry out regular inspections, go to action to empty traps when needed, and we analyze the data that you have received from the system, so you can spend time other important tasks.

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